Portfolio Power

Current Annual Revenue: million dollars

How many projects?

What % of projects are large, with the ability to contribute ${{0.05*revenue | number:2}} million (5%) or more to revenue growth if successful? ({{numProjects * big}} projects)

What % of your projects are hard, with less than a 50% chance of development success? ({{numProjects * hard}} projects)

What are your five-year revenue growth goals? (% increase on current annual revenue of ${{revenue}} million) (${{revenue * growth | number:2}}M target growth)



Portfolio Power: {{results.PortfolioPower}}

This puts you in the {{results.percentile }}% percentile of companies.

Estimated Revenue Growth: {{results.estimatedRevenueGrowth}}%

Probability of meeting your growth goal: {{results.pSuccess}}%

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